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How do I make calls on NxN+ service?

Making calls with NxN+ requires you to use one of two apps, depending on the operating system you use. For Android we recommend Zoiper, for iOS we recommend Acrobits. You can get installation details by clicking HERE.

What happens to the text messages I had before I migrated to NxN+?

Your old SMS messages you sent or received will still be in your old messaging app. However your new SMS messages after you move to NxN+ will be found in your new NxN app.

Can I still use the other apps on my phone?

YES absolutely!

Will Skype, WhatApp, FaceBook Messenger, etc still work…I use those apps for messaging too.

Yes. Everything else stays the same on your phone. The only difference is voice calls placed and received on your mobile number will require the use of a new app, and to send a receive SMS on your mobile number will require use of the new NxN SMS app. All other apps, including messaging and voice calls through other apps are unaffected.

If I use the new NxN SMS App, will my contacts notice the difference?

No change. When you text your contacts using SMS, they will continue to receive your messages and they won’t even notice the difference.

NxN+ includes unlimited calling to 30+ countries, but that’s just if I’m calling from Canada right?

Fortunately for you, that’s incorrect! As long as you have a data connection (wifi or cellular) you can call those 30+ countries for free from anywhere in the world; whether a cafe in Paris, a train ride in Thailand, or your hotel room in Iqaluit. We are trying to eliminate roaming one step at a time!

Shareable data, what does that mean?

Each line on NxN+ contributes 5 GB to your NorthByNorth account’s pool. If you have multiple devices under your account, they all get to share your data pool. And yes, you get to roam to the USA for FREE with that data bundle!

I don’t really understand what’s so different with the new service, how does the NxN+ work?

The entire NxN+ service works over a data connection. Voice is transmitted over data, so is SMS…and of course data is transmitted over data :-). If you want to know our deep dark secrets, voice is transmitted over internet protocol (voice over IP or VoIP), SMS messages are transmitted over a special hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) involving webhooks, and data is just plain old internet…we let your phone do that part. Sounds complicated, and it is…but we are happy to do the heavy lifting so you can experience cellphone freedom at a reasonable price.

Will the NxN+ service still work if I have a weak data connection? How about if I have no data connection?

The entire NxN+ platform requires a data connection. If you have a very weak data connection (1-bar or less), and web pages take a very long time to load, you may not be able to make a successful voice call. Text (SMS) messages however may very well work after a few minutes because transmission of this data is very small and can be resent until there is success. Our SMS app will display a small grey check mark if the text message has successfully reached our servers. However, if you have no data connection, the NxN+ service will not work…just like on a regular cellular service. Yet with NxN+, if you have no cellular service but a good wifi connection, you will have full service; unlike a regular cellular plan.

Will 911 work with the NxN+ Service?

Yes, wherever 911 service is active in your region, it will work on your cell phone. We will program your number to display the address where you live. Take note that when calling 911 while away from home, you will have to provide your physical location to the dispatcher. Reach out to us to run a special test of the service.