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Advice & Tech Support

A menu of self-serve advice and technical support for your everyday needs

Specific Questions? Reach out: Dial 611 on your NxN phone, or call +1.888.216.5551. You can also email support@northbynorth.ca

Conference Calls

If you login to your NxN conference call with the administrator PIN you have access to a special menu to help you manage the conference. The menu is access if the administrator presses the start key - * If enabled, the conference menus can be access by pressing * *...

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Voicemail & VM Menu

Changing and setting your voicemail greetings is pretty straightforward. Here is a visual menu you can use to guide the process. 1 New messages 3 Advanced options 1 Reply 2 Call back(1) 3 Envelope 4 Outgoing call(1) 5 Send Message 4 Play the previous message 5 Repeat...

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Privacy Policy

NorthByNorth Corp ("NxN") provides private messaging and Internet calling services to users in Canada (“Services”). Your calls and messages are always secured, so they can not be shared or viewed by anyone but yourself and the intended recipients.  Information you...

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NxN+ Cellular Service – FAQ

How do I make calls on NxN+ service? Making calls with NxN+ requires you to use one of two apps, depending on the operating system you use. For Android we recommend Zoiper, for iOS we recommend Acrobits. You can get installation details by clicking HERE. What happens...

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